Dynamine 01
Early Testing/Paper Design.
We started with paper design to see if the gameplay worked, before even implementing anything in the engine.
Dynamine 02
Early prototype to see if the main gameplay worked.
Dynamine 03
In-App Purchases.
Early prototype of the IAP UI.
Dynamite/Panic button.
Low level gameplay.

Dynamine - A 2D mining game in Defold

Dynamine is a 2D mining arcade game made in Defold. The goal is to mine a specific target of minerals and ore as long as you can. As the game or level progresses, the game speeds up, very much like Tetris. If you can't keep up, there's always a panic button with which you can blow up most of the tiles on the screen at the time. Gameplay is mainly trying to line up at least three of the same kind of mineral in the bottom window so you can hit combos and get bonus points. But there's a risk to that, as you try to line them up, the piles get bigger and bigger. Risk vs Reward. The game was made in 3 weeks.



Production Time:

3 weeks


Game Design, Level Design, 2D Art, Project Management