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Our vision with Gasoline Fury was to create a dystopic landscape with focus on amazing vistas and speedy gameplay.
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A worn down and dirty setting that tells of a previous era.
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High speed racing between cliffs and gorges increases the sense of history and what has been.
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Long time out of use machinery and structures.


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Gasoline Fury

Gasoline Fury is a Multiplayer game developed in Unreal Engine 4 where you have one goal, get to the finish line first by any means necessary. The game is filled with amazing vistas, a persistent level up system for your pickups and is packed with adrenaline fueled gameplay.

My Role:

In Gasoline Fury I was lead game designer, team leader, sound- and VFX artist. I also helped out with the level design.

I set out by first browsing reference images to create the setting, we then set up the mechanics and all of their conditions on how they should work with each other. This was organized into a design document. I prefer to have a "live" design document since I believe a project is ever evolving. I usually tie this in with the use of Trello. Then with constant discussion with the team, explaining the concept and core mechanics, the game evolves from it's core and onwards.


Unreal Engine 4.

Production Time::

4 weeks.


Game Design, VFX, Level Design, Team Leader and Sound.

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