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Strong unique theme, but still true to the outline Valve has set for the game.

The map takes the players through an entire night, it starts with an evening where the players have to escape their hideout, and goes through all night until they reach the trainstation in the early morning. The moon is guiding the player throughout the entire campaign.

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Leaving the city.

One side shows a more city like scene, while the other leans more towards a country or outskirt looking silhouette.

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One of the scripted events.

Players have to push the van through an abandoned arena with constant rushes of zombies and enemies.

Left 4 Dead Image 04 Left 4 Dead Image 04
Natural Player Guidance.

Telephone wires(and the moon) acts as guides in the natural environment. No artificial or out of place arrows etc to guide the player. Together with the moon, this gives the player no doubt on where to go.

Left 4 Dead Image 03
Setting up the gameplay.

Location for enemy players to drag the other team down into the cliff. A lot of these gameplay enabling locations were set up with a clear plan in mind.

Left 4 Dead Image 04
Final destination.

Every map was equipped with scripted unique events that helped tell the story and enhance the experience of the gameplay.

One of the more cinematic scripted events.
Complete custom intro with recorded voice and newspaper animation within the engine. All of these scripts and events were unique and really brought this campaign some top quality over other campaigns since there never had been anything like it before within the game or other mods. All writing and narrative written and directed by me.

5 Map Campaign for Valve's Left 4 Dead.

A 5 map versus campaign made in Hammer. The campaign features a dark approch to the Left 4 Dead universe and takes place perhaps a bit longer after the disaster has struck.

I did everything on this campaign, including creating assets needed for the right atmosphere. Started with a block out to get the right flow, and later placing assets. The importance of building a VERSUS focused level is making sure all teams and their members gets what I call play play space. That is making sure all characters and their classes have their opportunities to do what they need to do.


The campaign has recieved amazing reviews with over 20 pages generated on gamemaps.com. It currently has an average score of 85/100 on every map community and is still being featured on Youtube. It has been downloaded almost 100.000 times.


Left 4 Dead.



Production Time:

3-4 weeks.


Level Design, Level Art, Scripting, Writing & Narrative, Modelling

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