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The Tavern Image 01
Dwarf Room
The Tavern Image 02
Wizard Room
The Tavern Image 03
Wizard Room
The Tavern Image 04
Wizard Room
The Tavern Image 04
One of the utility rooms, level 1.
The Tavern Image 04
Same utility room but upgraded one step.
The Tavern Image 04
Fully upgraded utility room.

The Tavern - Solo Project.

The Tavern is a solo project that's been in development for the past two years. The Tavern is a management game that takes place in a fantasy themed tavern. You take the role as a tavern keeper of your choice, whom they all have various different active and passive abilities. Craft your own drinks with bought ingredients from various suppliers and attract exciting and widely spread variations of different customers. Expand by building rooms to fit more customers and enhance your tavern by building special rooms. The game takes inspiration from Dungeon Keeper, Sim City and to a certain degree, the old Sierra games like Space Quests. The Tavern is currently under development.
I'm developing and managing the project by myself and using freelancers.


The dev blog has several thousands visitors every month.


The Tavern.


Game Design, Level Design, Level Art, Scripting, Modelling, VFX, Team Management

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