Unreal Tournament 01
The great divide.
The gorge that divides the two flag bases. Each defensive pole is instant death if touched.
Unreal Tournament 02
Collapsed interior.
Unreal Tournament 03
Flag room.
The flag room has 3 different entrances with their own calculated risks. I strongly believe in a risk vs reward think and applied that to this as well. One path is less risk, but takes longer to reach the flag, the other is medium and last is a high risk where you fly into the room and end up close to the flag(see flow map below). You have very little room to move and navigate though, so if you aren't afraid of eating a rocket or two for breakfast, then this is the path for you.
Unreal Tournament Flow map
Top down flow map with different risk paths.
Unreal Tournament Flow map
Perspective flow map with same risk paths as the picture above.
Unreal Tournament 04
Collapsed interior outside flag room.
Unreal Tournament 05
A sub area under the gorge where the two teams clash fighting for the extra damage power up.

Multiplayer Map - Unreal Tournament.

I was given a task of creating a symmetrical multiplayer map for 6-10 players in Unreal Tournament. Deadline was 3 weeks. I started with researching concepts and strcutures but had a clear vision of where my main inspiration would come from. That was Mattisborgen from the old classic children's story Ronja Rövardotter. The castle in the movie has been struck by very strong lighting and been split into two. I started out with white boxing(blocking) to get a feel for the flow and length of the actions of the players and passages throughout the map. After that felt really good, I playtested with specific amounts of players and then made adjustments from the reports of those players. Then I went through all the art assets and started replacing the BSP. This was an interesting task since I didn't know what assets I had before working on the blockout so I had to adapt the flow and layout to what assets were presented to me later in the project. This I believe is a challenge not to take lightly so your starting work has to have that in mind. Never be unprepared to change and compromise.


The map was published on the Epic Games Unreal Tournament forum and so appreciated that it was pushed through all of the Unreal Tournament's official social media outlets.


Unreal Tournament

Production Time:

3 weeks


Level Design, Level Art